August 9, 2019 Sustainable Compliant Cannabis Packaging


Color Ad Packaging has optimized our production procedures to ensure we collect and recycle all materials whenever possible. We are proud of our Annual Cascades Report where we’ve saved tens of thousands of trees, water, and more. We are focused on consistently improving our products to ensure we offer the most environmentally friendly solution available. Our current certified Child-Resistant pouch is #7 recyclable. While most municipalities in Canada do not currently collect #7 plastics, as of April 22nd, 2019, TerraCycle launched a Countrywide recycling program which our pouch is accepted and recycled through.

The overall footprint of a flexible pouch compared to any rigid container can’t be ignored, the production of a rigid container has a water footprint that is 660% larger than the pouch, higher greenhouse gas emissions by 726%, and a rigid PET container has a fossil fuel usage nearly 504% greater than that of a flexible stand-up pouch with zipper. Please be sure to speak with your sales representative further about all of our sustainability options. This is an area of daily focus for our Color Ad team and the entire packaging industry. Innovations are occurring daily and we want to ensure you have the most up to date information.