How We Make It.

Color Ad prides and defines itself, first and foremost, as a premium quality printer. Either choosing to print rotogravure or H.D. flexography, Color Ad’s print quality is second to none. Our printing process is made possible through our highly automated and tightly controlled color management software, we have been able to meet or exceed our customers demanding expectations with each and every mandate. As North America’s first G7 certified gravure packaging printer, and one of only a handful of Flexograpghic G7 certified packaging printers, we pride ourselves in continuing to lead the industry in printing excellence.

Rotogravure Print

  • 10 Color stations
  • Up to 1,476 ft/min
  • Print Width up to 48″
  • Registered cold seal application
  • Turboclean auto wash
  • Easy Sync auto-register
  • 175-250 Line screen
Image of Miraflex CM unit

HD Flexo Print

  • 10 Color stations
  • Up to 1,968 ft/min
  • Print width up to 52”
  • 85-200 Line screen
  • Easy COL color matching
  • Turboclean auto wash
  • Easy set HD auto IMP setting & 3D plate typography

3-Ply Lamination

  • Solvent & water based lamination
  • lam width of up to 60″
  • Max speed of 1,500 ft/min


  • Max run speed of 3,300 ft/min
  • Max web width of 65″
  • Robotic load
end of the line of yellow label printing

Sup Converter

  • Maximum pouch size 600 mm (width) x 600 mm (height) x 100mm (gusset)

  • Max run speed of 240 cycles per minute
label printing machine

Flat Bottom Bag Converter

  • Up to 8,000 bags per hour
  • Very wide variety of sizes
  • Patch window capability
  • Paper & OPP in-line spot lamination
packages during print process

Tin Tie Applicator

  • Up to 10,000 bags per hour
  • Auto controlled applicator
  • Print Width up to 4

Foil Stamp/Embossing

  • Up to 36″ web width
  • Up to 328 ft/min
  • Flat clamp
  • Various dyes, foil colors, and hologram options

Lab Testing

  • Gas chromatography (GC) machine
  • Tensile tests (ADMET)
  • Peel tests (ADMET)
  • Tear tests (ADMET)
  • Tear tests (Elmendorf)
  • Microscope
  • Gauge testers
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Our Testing Services

Our clients also have access to our in-house lab department to test the following:

  • Gas chromatography (GC) machine
  • Tensile tests (ADMET)
  • Peel tests (ADMET)
  • Tear tests (ADMET)
  • Tear tests (Elmendorf)
  • Microscope
  • Gauge testers
  • Coefficient of Friction (CoF) tester
  • Analytical scale
  • Stiffness tester
  • Smoothness / roughness tester
  • Rub tester (scuff tests)
  • Static meter
  • pH meter
  • Curl tests
  • Leak tests
  • Sealing tests
  • Gloss meter
  • Opacity meter
  • Dyne level tests
  • Grease resistance (kit level) tests
  • Hand swab test kit
  • External Lab: University of Manitoba – Temperature simulation tests

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