white Color Ad Packaging Ltd. child resistant packaging

January 10, 2019 SecureSack – 2019 Finalist – PAC Association Global Leadership Awards – Package Design Innovation

Color Ad Packaging is honored to be named One of Six finalists for PAC Associations 2019 Global Leadership Awards under the ‘Package Innovation – Technical Design’ category.

We’d like to thank the many members of our ‘Child-Resistant’ team who have worked tirelessly launching this new product to market.

We’d like to take a moment and recognize the efforts of all of our team members involved in the launch of this product. In particular, we’d like to highlight the efforts of Shane Osterbeck, Tamara Lamoureux, Greg Swanson, Heather Kuivenhoven, Christie Tabing, Tony Christian, and Curtis Fender. Without their tireless efforts, our SecureSack pouch would not have launched so successfully in 2018.

Thanks again to all those involved!

We look forward to another amazing year here at Color Ad Packaging Ltd.