May 1, 2019 Guideline for Part 7 Cannabis Act ‘Packaging & Labelling’


Color Ad Packaging Ltd. is happy to offer our Guidelines for packaging Dried Cannabis per Part 7 ‘Packaging & Labelling’  of the Regulations which support the Canadian Cannabis Act.

This document was created to assist in your Dried Cannabis Packaging & Labeling Design. We want to help ensure you comply with Canada’s regulated cannabis market. This is a guide and should not be used instead of the Cannabis Act, it is intended to be used as a helpful resource. If you comply with all checkpoints within this document, it does not guarantee your packaging and labeling complies with Health Canada’s regulations and does not make Color Ad Packaging Ltd. responsible for your decisions.

We hope it makes your approval process go smoother and helps you avoid any ‘Critical/Major/Minor’ deviations or deficiencies from Health Canada’s inspections.